About Us

CWPRS are able to provide hydraulically sound and economically viable solutions to various problems associated with projects on water resources, energy and water-borne transport including coastal and harbour engineering. CWPRS also collaborates with other organisations like WAPCOS and educational and research institutions to complement its activities. Thanks to the Government of India's financial support, CWPRS has been able to keep pace with the rapid advancements in hydraulic research by way of updating its facilities and expertise. As the Regional Laboratory of ESCAP since 1971, CWPRS has offered its services to a number of projects in the neighbourhood as well as countries in Middle East and Africa.since 1971, CWPRS has offered its services to a number of projects in the neighbourhood as well as countries in Middle East and Africa

The current mandate of the institution encompasses undertaking specific research studies supported by necessary basic research to comprehensively offer R&D support to a variety of projects dealing with irrigation, power and water-borne transport; offering consultancy and advisory services to the government within the sphere of its activities; disseminating expertise and research findings amongst hydraulic research fraternity; collaborating research activities with various institutions and carrying out training of research manpower.

Having completed ninety years of service, CWPRS reaffirms its motto "Service Through Research" and looks forward to be of continued service to the Nation.


  • Serves three major sectors
    • Water Resources
    • Power
    • Surface Transport
  • Applied and basic research to provide sound and economic solutions for
    • River Engineering
    • Reservoir and Appurtenant Structures Hydraulic Machinery
    • Hydraulic Machinery
    • Costal Engineering
    • Earth Sciences
    • Foundation and Structures
  • Research through physical and mathematical modelling
  • Calibration of flow meters and current meters
  • Excellent Infrastructure: land, water, power, equipment, human resources


  • Afghanistan : Hydraulic model studies for Khanabad barrage and Salma H.E. Project
  • Bangladesh : Training of personnel from River Research Institute, Dhaka
  • Bhutan : Hydraulic model studies for Chukha and Tala Projects; Seismic surveillance studies for Tala, Wangchu, Punatsangchu and Sankosh Projects
  • Egypt : Setting up of hydraulic laboratory; Training of personnel
  • Ethopia : Consultancy in water resources management, soil stability
  • Kampuchia : Flood control measures on Tonlesap river
  • Philippines : Training of personnel; Review of technical reports
  • Indonesia : Development of inland fish culture in tidal zones
  • Iran : Consultancy on upgradation of Water Resources Research Institute, Tehran; Supply of equipement
  • Iraq : Setting up of Hydraulic Laboratory at Baghdad; Spillway model studies for Bekhme dam; Fabrication and installation of spillway models of Bakurman and Kalilkan dams; Supply of equipment
  • Libya : Thermal recirculation studies for Tripoli (West) Power Station, including collection of field data
  • Malaysia : Contractual testing of turbine model for Tenom Pangi Project; Thermal recirculation studies for Klang and Pasir Gudang Thermal Power Stations
  • Myanmar : Rehabilitation of four ports; Hydraulic model studies in Sedawgyi dam spillway; Hydraulic model studies for rehabilitation of irrigation sluices
  • Mozambique : Seepage analysis and rehabilitation studies for Massinger dam project
  • Nepal : Model studies for sediment exclusion in the power channel, Trisuli, seismological studies for Saptkosi and Sunkosi Projects
  • Singapore : Port Development, reclaimation
  • Sri Lanka : Setting up hydraulic laboratory
  • Thailand : Contractual testing of turbine model for Pattani Hydro Power Project
  • Togo/Benin : Coastal erosion and protection measures
  • Vietnam : Consultancy in drafting Project Document; Development of Hydraulic Research; Training of personnel
  • Zambia : Seismic surveillance studies for Itezhitezhi Reservoir Project