Public Grievances


Following is the composition of the Grievance Cell :

Shri. Jiweshwar Sinha (Dr.), Scientist-E Chairman
Shri Mandar M Vaidya, Scientist-D Member
Chief Administrative Officer Member
In Charge, CPC(Construction & Procurement cell) Member
Smt. J.S.Edlabadkar, Scientist-D Member
Shri. Kuldeep Malik, Scientist-C Member Secretary
Shri. V.B.Sharma, Scientist-C Member
Smt. Jostsna Ambekar, Scientist-B Member

The Director, CWPRS will nominate candidate/candidates for filling up of any vacancy/vacancies if any member/members already appointed happen(s) to be out of station for periods longer than 2 months.

The Grievance Cells will have the authority to directly invite any staff member to attend any of the meetings under intimation to his controlling officer. Such invitations may be made to the applicants themselves for an interview and/or to the dealing persons with concerned cases and/or to any other officials for rendering advice to the Grievance Cell.

The object, scope, functions and procedure for dealing with the grievances etc. is outlined below :


The Grievance Cell is being constituted with the object of setting up a framework for :

  • Providing a forum for employees to ventilate their grievances relating to official matters
  • Imparting a degree of objectivity and fair play in the consideration of such grievances
  • Ensuring prompt consideration and decision thereon
  • Serving as a bridge in interpreting the views of the administration to the staff and vice versa
  • Inculcating a feeling of participation in sharing the complexities of administrative and management responsibilities of the employer and to foster a sense of belongingness in one and all in the institution


  • The Grievance Cell will cover all employees of CWPRS including officers, regular establishment as well as work charged staff
  • The Grievance Cell will be in addition to the existing machinery provided under Government Rules and Regulations
  • The cell is intended to expedite action on genuine claims of CWPRS staff members
  • The Cell would not only look into the Technicalities but would also help to establish good communication between the management and the staff
  • The Governing Council of the CWPRS will decide the scope of Grievance Cell from time to time


The Grievance Cell will consider grievances relating to the following :

Personal Problem

  • Drawal and disbursement of pay and allowances, and fixation of pay
  • Increment etc
  • Grant of leave
  • Termination of probation period, declaration of quasi-permanency and confirmation
  • Training opportunities
  • Seniority problems
  • Promotion
  • Government accommodation
  • Transport facility
  • Medical claims
  • Tour advance
  • T.A. Bills
  • GPF-Subscription, advances etc
  • Sanction of various advances such as Festival advance, Conveyance advance, House building advance
  • Forwarding of applications
  • Problems regarding pension, GPF, Family pension etc. in respect of retired staff members

These cases would be put up to Grievance Cell through an authorized employee of CWPRS who is in service.

Connected to work

  • Interdivisional transfer
  • Research facilities
  • Requirement of junior level staff
  • Technical guidance
  • Type of work

General welfare conditions

  • Recreation club
  • Co-operative Society
  • Canteen
  • Other welfare matters


The chairman of the cell would decide the frequency of meeting of the Grievance Cell, taking into account the number of applications received that need discussions. However the period between meetings shall not exceed 3 months.

The quorum for meeting will be three.


An employee may write to the Chairman of the Grievance Cell direct with copies to the concerned officers viz. Executive Engineer, Administrative Officer/Chief Administrative Officer, Pay and Accounts Officer, etc. wherever necessary. A copy of this communication, in all cases, should also be furnished to the head of the Division

  • The concerned officers will furnish their comments to the Grievance Cell on the basis of the copies of representations endorsed to them by the employees within a period of one week from the receipt thereof
  • The application submitted to Grievance Cell should contain the following information and must be signed and dated by applicant :
  • The application submitted to Grievance Cell should contain the following information and must be signed and dated by applicant :
    • Name and designation of employee
    • Division/Section
    • Basic pay
    • Status of permanency
    • Grievance stating the full facts and redress claimed
  • The Grievance Cell would consider no anonymous letters
  • On receipt of the application from an employee, the Member Secretary of the Grievance Cell shall acknowledge receipt of the application
  • All the applications addressed to Grievance Cell shall be entered in a register by the Member Secretary of the Cell, indicating therein the following :
    • Serial number
    • Date of receipt of the Grievance application
    • Name and designation of the employee who submitted the grievance
    • Subject matter of the grievance in brief
    • Date on which application was considered in the meeting of the Cell
    • Final action taken
    • Remarks
  • During the meeting of the Grievance Cell, the Member Secretary shall submit all grievances received prior to the meeting, irrespective of whether any reply has been received from the concerned officer or not. Every application received by the Cell must be discussed in the meeting and disposed of in the manner as may be deemed fit
  • The register maintained by the Member Secretary, Grievance Cell and the file containing minutes of the Cell shall be sent to the director, Central Water and Power Research Station, for his perusal once a month

Direct Access

In order to provide a direct access at the highest level, the Chairman, Grievance Cell shall fix up convenient dates twice a month when he would meet any of the staff members who may like to meet him in connection with the application made by him. The staff members would be called individually for such meetings and only the Member-Secretary, Grievance Cell would be present during such meetings. Proceedings of these meetings would be treated as confidential.


The Chairman, Grievance Cell shall be authorized to enter into direct correspondence with all concerned officials in the Governing Council and/or the Ministry of Water Resources in order to pursue matters related to Grievances of staff members.

The Grievance Cell may authorize an official to undertake official tours in connection with the responsibilities assigned to the Cell. The Director shall in such cases approve the travel.

Modifications in the constitution

The committee consisting of the Chairman, Secretary and members of the Grievance Cell may suggest modifications in the constitution, if found necessary, by passing a unanimous Resolution. On receipt of such a resolution the Director, CWPRS will have the authority to make suggested amendments in consultation with the Governing Council.