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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure Facility at CWPRS

The installation of the Campus-wide Local Area Network (LAN) was completed in June 2003 by C-DAC, Pune. The LAN is having more than 500 Nodes spread over an area of 180 hectares. The LAN connectivity is through OFC and some remote location divisions are connected through ADSL connectivity. The LAN infrastructure comprises Optical Fiber/UTP Network Switches, Router, Wi-Fi Router, UTM Firewall, Bio-metric Device, Oracle Database Servers, Domain Server, Personal Computers as Nodes, Workstation, Video Conferencing System, Power Backup devices etc. The CWPRS is using 1024 Mbps Internet Leased Line (ILL) and 34 Mbps NICNET line, which is extensively used for accessing the Internet, e-mail, PFMS, Bio-metric attendance system, Government e-Marketing Portal (GeM), e-bhavishya, e-procurement, e-Governance, e-office activities, On-line Virtual Platform etc. CWPRS is having well qualified, experienced IT expert team for in-house development of Software/Web application/Database and providing technical support and system administration, which helps tremendously for smooth functioning of all these IT activities at CWPRS.

Infrastructures for ICT Facility

Centralized Data Center

Centralized Oracle Database Server/Windows Server

More than 400 Desktop Computer as nodes and Workstations

Domain Server, Proxy Server

Intranet Web Server & Applications

Network Security and Intrusion Detection System (Firewall)

Centralized Antivirus System

Centralized Power Backup and Diesel Generator System

Precision Air Conditioning System

Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS)

IPv6 compatible Network Switches

Network/Desktop based printers

Novell Netware System for Payroll processing

Computer Training Laboratory

On-line Virtual Platform

Lecture Hall and Conference room equipped with Audio/Video/Presentation devices

In-house developed IT Applications

HR Management Information System

Leave Accounting

Stock Inventory System

Intranet System

MIS Intranet System

Payroll Application

Income Tax Calculation

Pay Fixation System

Arrears Calculation Application

Hardware Inventory Management System

E-governance and Digital India activities: As per Ministry guidelines various ICT, e-Governance, Digital India activities have been implemented at CWPRS and running successfully. Some are listed as:

Aadhar Enabled Bio-metric Attendance System (AEBAS)

Migration from IPv4 to IPv6

Video Conferencing System

Network Security System

Re-designing of CWPRS Website as per GIGW

CompDDO/PFMS System

GeM (Government e-Marketing Portal)

e-procurement, e_hrms, e-payment, e-bhavishya, e-pension

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