Libraries are now universally recognised as significantly important not only social institutions but also a Knowledge Resource Centre. No community, institution or organization is considered complete without a good library. The progress and growth of special libraries, documentation centres and information centres affiliated to research institutes are closely related to the objectives of the institution. Libraries today are the store house of documents and sources of information on human mankind. We are today living in the so called “Information Age” where information is a vast, dynamic and infinite resource that affects all discipline and people.

In the field of Water and Power, a strong emphasis on Irrigation and Power sector during the recent past, a need had already been arisen to establish an Information System in the field of Hydraulic Engineering. The Library of CWPRS was established in 1938 with an objective to obtain and make available literature related to various problems dealt with at CWPRS. The UNDP/UNESCO aided project "Water and Power Information System" was executed during 1982-88 which strengthened the library to a state from where the information on any subject of interest of research personnel can be made available from a variety of sources such as computerised databases, compact discs, microform etc. The project has not only upgraded the existing library services as library and information system with infrastructure facilities. The searches and selective information on any topic of interest within a few minutes as compared to searching references previously for days together.

Presently, the Library has been procuring Books, Periodicals, Reports and related materials and making the same available to the scientists and engineers. It has a collection of 54712 Book & Reports, 5760 Technical Reports, 113 Journals, 44 eJournals, 22318 Bound Volumes, 371 CDs from fields like Civil Engineering, Coastal and Ports Engineering. Hydraulic Engineering, Geo-Techniques, Water Resources Management, Computer Science, Instrumentation. The brief information of services are as under:


Information Storage and Retrieval : Now Library is using cloud based e-Granthalaya -Library Management Software developed by NIC, New Delhi
• Library Online Public Access Catalogue (Web-OPAC) accessible through Internet for accessing library collection including journals holdings
Collections of CGWB, CSMRS, CWC, DWRRDGR and NERIWALM Libraries (under the Ministry’s Cluster) are also available on e-Granthalaya for references
Library Portal available on Intranet
Journal Collection : Full text on-line access to all Journals subscribed by CWPRS Library
Institutional e-Journal Archive : Full text articles downloaded from subscribed journals are archived on Library Web Portal
Digital Library (Institutional Repository) : Annual Reports, Technical Reports, Technical Memoranda, Multimedia Contents and other CWPRS Publications are available for reference
Information Dissemination : Various services are provided like Reference, Referral, Current Awareness, Bibliographic, Inter Library Loan and Document Delivery etc.
Reprographic Services and Binding Facility

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