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Hindi Patrika Jalwani 2023 Pushp

Hindi Patrika Jalwani 2022 Pushp (29 )

One year of Jal Shakti 2019-20 Jal shakti - Jan Shakti

Compendium Role of CWPRS for Port Development in India


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Technical Memorandum

  • Design and Construction of Sustinable Coastal Protection Strctures, August 2021, Mahalingaiah, Dr. Prabhat Chandra
  • Desilting Basins, 1992, V.K. Kulkarni, K.N. Appukuttan and C.M. Shah
  • State of art on spurs, 1992, S.B. Kulkarni, J.D. Prayag
  • State of art on computation, prediction and analysis of scour in rock beds downstream of ski-jump spillways, 1992 , R.M. Khatsuria
  • Measurement of turbulence in hydraulic models using hot film anemometer, 1993, V.M. Bendre, J.S. Panawalkar and S.S. Kunte
  • Microearthquakes, acoustic emissions and their applications, 1993, P.J. Desai, Dr.I.D. Gupta, J.G. Padale, S.C. Marwadi, V.C. Deshpande and Dr.R.G. Joshi
  • State of art on role of turbulence in the design of spillway appurtenant structures, 1994, R.M. Khatsuria
  • Measurement of pressure pulsations and vibrations in structures in hydroelectric projects, 1994, S.R. Gaikwad, M.J. Kumthekar and M.M. Kale
  • Mixing of jets and plumes and in in-land and coastal waters, 1997, Prabhat Chandra
  • Controlled blasting for rock excavation in civil engineering applications, March 2003,Dr.I.D. Gupta, Dr.G.R. Tripathi and R.R. Shirke
  • Guidelines for development of numerical models in free surface flow, November 2004, Dr.L.K.Ghosh
  • Nadi niyantran taknik, March 2004 , R.A. Oak, M.K. Pawar
  • Guidelines for design of desilting basins (pressure flow), 2005 , C.M. Shah
  • Strengthening of damaged hydraulic structures by epoxy grouting, February 2007, A.K. Sathe, V.T. Desai
  • Monograph on seismic refraction methods for engineering applications, March 2008, Dr.N. Ghosh, R. S. Wadhwa and Ch. Subba Rao
  • Research into factors which influence hydraulic design of breast wall/ sluice spillways, September 2008, P.B. Deo lalikar, Mrs. V.V. Bhosekar and P.C. Pethe
  • Design of Aerators on Orifice Spillways’(2012)
  • Spillways and Energy Dissipators (2015)
  • Contribution of CWPRS in Hydro power development - Hydraulic aspects (2015)
  • CWPRS Studies on Sardar Sarovar (Narmada) Project (2016)
  • Guidelines for Hydraulic Design of orifice spillways (2017)
  • Flow Simulation in Hydraulic Structures using CFD (2018)

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