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CW&PRS conducts Hydraulic performance and overload tests on submersible pump sets of different flow and head capacity for Irrigation Department of Uttar Pradesh (IDUP), Luck now. The tests carried out included:

  • Variation of head, power input and overall efficiency against discharge covering a minimum range of + 10% to -15% of rated head from guaranteed duty point.
  • Overall voltage and under voltage performance of motor of submersible pumps at 457 and 353 Volts, respectively.
  • Power factor at rated output of motor.
  • Temperatures rise of the submersible motor winding when the pump set was operated for an overload of 20%.
  • Analysis of the experimental results by scaling the pump motor performance to standard frequency (50 Hz) and to ascertain the performance of the pump sets against guaranteed values

All the above tests carried out in accordance with the stipulation of IS 9137-1978, IS 11346-1985, IS 325-1978, IS 8034-2002 and IS 10572-1983 (reaffirmed 1993). However uncertainty levels in the measurements were much better than IS stipulations, especially for the flow rate, input power and pressure measurement. Electrical parameters were observed precisely using a Multifunction Load Manager of Conserve make, having computer compatible digital output. Based on test results efficiency and guarantee factor – index that indicates the pump is working at its design head and discharge is evaluated and recorded.

Based on the test, it is recommended that in selection of the pump sets, importance be given to Guarantee factor, efficiency at duty point – head discharge at which a pump is expected to be operated normally. The test results are plotted graphically to evaluate the guarantee factor, the guarantee factor above one is acceptable as per IS 9137-1978, IS 9283:1995 and. IS 11346-2002.

Submersible pump test rig in volumetric laboratory.

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