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Reservoir and Appurtenant Structures

This laboratory undertakes studies for evolving efficient, economical and safe hydraulic designs of spillways, water conductor systems and other appurtenant structures such as spillway profiles, energy dissipators, protection works, high head gates, sluices and outlets, surge tanks, tunnels, penstocks and galleries. The studies are carried out with the help of hydraulic models, mathematical models and analysis of the data.

Areas of specialization

Spillways and Energy Dissipators

  • Discharging capacity assessment

  • Hydrodynamic pressures on spillway and energy dissipator

  • Cavitations potential

  • Observations of water profiles along spillway and energy dissipator

  • Scour downstream of energy dissipator

  • Plunge pool design

  • Approach flow conditions

  • Efficacy of energy dissipator

  • Aeration grooves on spillway surfaces

  • Construction stage flow conditions

  • Protection works near spillway

  • Assessment of prototype performance

Power Intake and Tail Race Channel

  • Layout, location and dimensions of intake and water conductor system

  • Flow conditions in the vicinity of intake

  • Submergence from considerations of vortex formation

  • Layout and alignment of tail race channel

  • Flow conditions and velocity distribution along tail race channel

  • Draft tube submergence

  • Flushing of sediments in the tail race channel

  • River bank protection works

  • Water conductor systems and transients analysis for water hammer effect

  • Head loss at intake and tail race channel

  • Pressure along the tunnels

  • Air water column separation and assessment of necessity of airvent

  • Energy dissipation at the downstream end

  • Flow conditions and water levels in surge shafts

Vertical, Radial and Stoplog Gates

  • Overall layout of the gates and location of airvents

  • Optimization of hydrodynamic uplift and downpull forces

  • Hydrodynamic pressures and air demand

  • Flow conditions in the vicinity of spillway gates

  • Performance of the sluice in respect of flushing of sediments through reservoir

  • Cavitation potential

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